Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sheppard goes running.

Ex Rochester police chief Jim Sheppard announced that he was running for the Monroe County Legislature today.
He is running for the seat being vacated by Paul Hainey because of term limits.
Of course, Sheppard is running as a Democrat.
And of course, Sheppard is part of the Morelle-Clifford-Duffy-Richards gang.
When Duffy unceremoniously dumped David Moore as police chief, he appointed Sheppard in his place. Richards kept Sheppard on during his ever so brief tenure as mayor.
Sheppard was best known for his smile, his inability to give straight answers to questions and not reducing crime in Rochester.
When Lovely Warren was elected mayor, she made it clear that she was  not keeping Sheppard on, which effectively dumped him in turn.
Sheppard then resigned, too late to mean anything.
He has been at liberty ever since, which has given him time to practice his smile and plan his revenge.
The white elitist wing of the local Democrats is allowing him to run in one of the richest and whitest LDs in the City of Rochester.
It is window dressing to show how "liberal" they are and to recoup their tarnished image with black voters.
And to get back at the mayor, who is firmly entrenched in the opposing Democratic camp.
Smile for the cameras, Jim.

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