Thursday, January 29, 2015

New candidates for the northwest city council race.

If Molly Clifford thought that she would be the only candidate running in the northwest district's city council race, she was mistaken.
Pam Davis from the Lyell-Otis Neighborhood Association is mulling over running in that race as a Republican.
Dorothy Paige from the Jay Street area, one of the poorest sections of the city, is running as the Green Party candidate.
There is no word that Andreas Rau, from the Maplewood Neighborhood Association, will be running.
Rau's candidacy is a distinct possibility.
Davis and Rau have long been active in their neighborhood associations.
They have lived in their respective neighborhoods for decades.
Clifford only moved to the northwest district last year to meet the residency requirements for such a run.
Clifford has no real connection to that quadrant, apart from the fact she grew up in in Maplewood.
She left Maplewood decades ago.
Clifford will undoubtedly get the designation from the northwest Democrats as their candidate, since her clique controls that committee.
That would make her the party favorite.
If Rau runs, it would force a Democratic primary election for that office.
Duffy and the current mayor. Lovely Warren, were not the party favorites. The primary elections in both of those cases guaranteed their victories later on.
In the case of Mayor Warren, Clifford paid no attention to her victory at the primary.
Undoubtedly, Clifford would like to avoid a Democratic primary, in case history repeats itself.
Rau remains silent on the subject of running. For now.

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