Friday, January 9, 2015

Hitting rock bottom.

The figures have come in and the verdict is out.
After forty years of Democratic misrule, Rochester, New York, is now the poorest city of its size in the entire US of A.
Coupled with the fact that we have the worst school system in New York State and one of the worst in the country, we are clearly up Shit Creek without a paddle.
This is one thing you can't pin on the Warren Administration.
Truly, Warren Administration has enough mortal sins and fatal flaws in its makeup to answer for, but they inherited this mess from previous incompetent and inept mayors.
The downward slide in Rochester's fortunes goes back more than twenty years, to the Johnson Administration.
This subject has been covered in depth elsewhere, so only a brief summation will be offered here.
Rochester's prosperity was based on heavy industry. The change in technology resulted in heavy industry being discontinued, with tens of thousands of jobs in those areas being eliminated.
The precipitous decline of Kodak, Rochester's sacred cow and largest employer, and the ripple effect it was producing was evident during the 1990s.
The Johnson Administration, a less than creative bunch, chose to ignore it and concentrate on enjoying themselves. It was more fun to have fun than come up with any definite plans for Rochester's future.
Mayor Johnson himself was concerned with creating his legacy, which has proved disastrous, and amassing a fortune, at which he was much more successful.
It also raised the spectre of racism here.
Critics of the Johnson Administration were branded as racists, which helped muffle his opponents in the city, at least.
After twelve years, Johnson was succeeded as mayor by his endorsed candidate Bob Duffy.
Duffy promptly double-crossed Johnson on the subject of political appointments and began to dismantle Johnson's ill-devised memorials to himself.
Rochester's economic decline was clearly evident then. Rochester was making the national poverty and poor school performance lists.
Duffy substituted his height and folksy charm for policy, which accomplished nothing for Rochester, but it convinced him that he was in way over his head and beyond his capabilities.
He fled for Albany at the first opportunity, where his ineptitude was so conspicuous that he did not seek to remain on Andrew Cuomo's ticket in 2014.
Duffy's hand-picked successor, Tom Richards, was a willow the wisp. Labeled as a "progressive," he was no such thing. Rochester's fortunes continued to decline ( Duffy proved to be of no help in Albany whatsoever ) because he inherited Duffy's do nothing administration.
The few jobs he created did not counter the massive job losses that continued to occur in Rochester because even he had no clear-cut program to grow business here.
Rochester continued to decline during Richards' brief tenure as mayor, and he was ousted in 2013.
That's where Lovely Warren comes in. She inherited more than twenty years of neglect.
While her administration hasn't accomplished anything visibly beneficial yet, and it has been barely a year since she took office, she, personally, has her share of blame to bear for the sad state of Rochester. She was in city government for 6 years before becoming mayor, as a city councilor and then city council president.
They came up with nothing to turn the city around, and have no sense of shame about anything.
The big question is, is it too late to turn the city around? Especially a city that has been neglected for decades and where the only evident policies are political correctness and reverse racism?

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