Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sandra Doorley's stupid call to reason.

The D&C printed a letter from Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley today.
In a nutshell, Doorley begged voters to look at the person, not at their party.
This comes a few days after Doorley converted back to the Republican Party.
She won her office as a Democrat.
This has caused consternation within an already chaotic MCDC.
Such disorder is not helpful to candidates seeking to win county offices.
Political affiliation, like religious affiliation, is a matter of personal choice. Factors influencing choice may be sentimental, spiritual, emotional, true belief or pragmatism and expedience.
When an affiliation ceases to serve the needs of an individual, it's time to move on.
Duffy and Richards both changed their party affiliations to become mayor of Rochester.
Doorley's plea for "person before party" should be regarded as a call to reason.
Voters should choose the best candidate for a political office, not one with impeccable party credentials. All too often, such persons tend to be morons, but they have the inside track.
And here the primitive and infantile condition of dynasties also has its place.
Unfortunately, Doorley's statement is a stupid one because it ignores the reality of the political system, especially in Rochester and Monroe County.
Both parties claim that their candidates are the best persons for the job.
Those people who do vote tend to vote a straight ticket. It absolves them from having to think.
Neither political party wants people to think about candidates. Party discipline demands that people blindly follow the dictates of the party leadership.
In districts where one party has a clear numerical superiority over the other, they will demand loyalty.
Where they are in the minority, they beg people to vote for the person and not the party.
This has rarely, if ever, worked here.
Especially when both parties have demonized each other.
A statement calling for common sense among voters is stupid because the whole system is nonsensical.
Which is why most people able to vote don't. If one politician is the same as another, regardless of party affiliation, why bother?
They weren't expecting anything beneficial from any of them.
And Doorley?
She wants to be re-elected at any cost.
There are more registered Democrats in Monroe County than Republicans, not that this has helped the county Democrats.
The whiny statement of the MCDC upon her departure from their fold has convinced Doorley to make her appeal. To mitigate her pissing them off.
It was a good one. But it was stupid.

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