Friday, January 16, 2015

No big secret that Molly Clifford would run.

Molly Clifford announced that she will be running for the northwest city council seat.
Big deal.
She's been angling for that position for over a year.
Clifford established her "residence" in Charlotte last January, in order to meet residency requirements.
Whether she really lives there is anyone's guess.
Clifford and boy-toy Ken Warner are two of the most divisive personalities in Rochester's Democratic party.
Leading the elitist wing of the party, she, Carla Palumbo and Cindy Kaleh control the northwest Democrats. Not because they are so good, which they are not. It's just that nobody ever had the balls to challenge them.
Carla Palumbo, the current incumbent, announced that she wouldn't run for re-election.
That has been an open secret for over a year.
It is also an open secret that she and Kaleh have been rooting for Clifford.
Clifford is best known for being on Duffy and Richards' city payroll; for screwing up NET so badly that Duffy had to create a new six figure job in the fire department for her; and for continuing to run Richards for mayor after he had been defeated by Lovely Warren in the Democratic primary in 2013.
That came with Clifford reiterating her Democratic "credentials," which need to be reviewed. Certainly, they are questionable.
The knuckleheads in her cheerleading squad will continue to shout that she has done so much good for Rochester.
She hasn't. Clifford has always been about Clifford, and has schemed and scammed to promote herself for years.
The sad fact is that there are no potential candidates to run against her.
Regardless, she won't get my vote

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  1. It has just come to my attention that Cindy Kaleh's husband was installed as leader of LD 28.
    The position was recently held by none other than Molly Clifford.
    Ms. Kaleh is the county legislator for that LD.