Thursday, January 1, 2015

The political pendulum: swinging to the right. Part one.

Happy New Year 2015.
The Republican Party will control the United States Congress this session.
They have been moving in that direction since the mid term elections during President Barack Obama's first term in office. That is how the long the pendulum has been swinging to the right
As a lame duck president in his second and final term in office, Obama reaped what he has sown: the visible lack of confidence of the American people in his administration.
Obama earned it.
The 2014 elections revealed that rather than unify a sense of purpose among Americans, the Obama administration has divided American politics to a degree not seen in decades. Americans refused to elect candidates who were linked to Obama by party affiliation.
The riots in Ferguson had some responsibility in this respect, frightening non-black Americans into reacting against a half-black president and his supporters.
Yet choosing Republican candidates over Democratic ones might not have been the smartest move, either.
Andreas Rau, formerly the Rochester blogger for the local Democrat and Chronicle, once stated that every virtue under heaven was not to be found in either or any political party.
That's true enough.
There are good candidates from both parties, though both choose to deny that. Unfortunately, both parties prefer to choose attractive, rich candidates with familial, political and financial connections rather than those who are fit for office.
Money can buy anything.
That is the fatal flaw in American politics, which both major parties decry but refuse to do anything about.
Even more fatal is the need to create candidates to fit certain interest groups.
Which brings us back to Barack Obama.
The three pillars that the Obamanation were built upon were the black community; their indispensable allies, the bleeding heart white liberals ( and the gay community falls into this category ); and the incredible knack of the national Republican Committee to choose absolute morons to run against Obama in the presidential elections.
These pillars were powerful enough to propel Obama into the Presidency, but not great enough to provide a national policy that would benefit America as a whole, only for segments of it.
"Obamacare" ( that is to say "The Affordable Health Care Act" ) was a failure. It  did not provide for universal health care in America. It merely imposed penalties on those who didn't have health care insurance ( the penalties cost more than the health care they couldn't afford as it was ), while raising prices for those people who were already insured.
Republicans called it socialist without knowing the meaning of the word, failing to realize that the inherent flaws in Obamacare would cause dissatisfaction.
Moderates began to desert to the right in 2010.
Obama himself can be blamed for people losing faith in his star.
He walked into the Presidency arrogant and counting on political correctness to protect him. It didn't. He was dealing with Republican elected officials who were certain of their constituencies, and had no need to molly coddle him to get re-elected.
He refused even to show a copy of birth certificate for months after his election, which made even uninterested parties wonder what he was hiding.
Obama DID win the Noble Peace Prize within months of being elected to the Presidency. He did nothing to deserve such an award, which was perhaps given to him in recognition of his being the first mulatto elected President of the United States, rather than fostering world wide peace.
Of course, he refused to get us out of existing wars in Asia, and Americans died under orders from this peace prize winning president.
In the long run, his three pillars did not prevent him losing Congress to the Republicans. They will probably increase their numbers in 2016, the next Presidential election.
Failing the choice of yet another moron as a candidate, the Republicans will probably win the Presidency in 2016 and dismantle the Obamanation.
That will be the inevitable result of the pendulum swinging to the right.

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