Saturday, January 10, 2015

Ex D&C editor to get the keys to the city.

That's right.
James Lawrence will be given the keys to the city by Mayor Lovely Warren tomorrow at church.
 Lawrence recently retired as editor of the local liberal newsrag, the Democrat and Chronicle.
He is most famous for promoting political correctness and 300 years of guilt for white folks.
His biases infected the Democrat and Chronicle for decades, resulting in a paper that nobody regards as impartial, or even very good.
Being the only daily newspaper left in Rochester helped, in that respect. It's the only game in town.
Lawrence is also behind "Unite Rochester," a series of articles that is a forum for black contributors to focus on the oppression they have suffered, and for pseudo-liberal whites with political aspirations to beat their chests and cry, not too convincingly, "mea culpa."
This is indeed keeping with the farce that the Democrat and Chronicle has become under Lawrence's guidance.
Indeed, that is why Mayor Warren finds it necessary to reward Lawrence with the keys to the city.
The keys to the city is the highest award a mayor can bestow upon someone.
That award is supposed to be given only rarely, and only to those individuals whose actions have benefitted the City of Rochester over a period of years.
Lawrence has done no such thing. He has been a divisive figure in Rochester's political and social landscape
He did instruct his paper to overlook the mortal sins and fatal flaws of the Warren Administration.
Whether that was from liberal bias or black solidarity, I leave it for you to decide.
Mayor Warren has cheapened this award by handing it out left and right since she took office, mostly to her cheerleaders, people connected to David Gantt's clique, and to those luminaries belonging to one of the "two cities" of Rochester, not of the whole city.
In this, Lawrence may be deemed a suitable recipient of the keys to the city handed out by Mayor Warren.

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