Tuesday, January 27, 2015

No honor among thieves.

First, whatever happens to Sheldon Silver will not affect anyone in New York State other than politicians.
Second, most people are probably more amused than outraged by all of the twists and turns of this pathetic political plot.
Last week, when Silver was arrested, Assembly Majority Leader Joe Morelle announced his undying loyalty and support for Shelly.
That went without saying.
Morelle and Silver have been in bed together for years, figuratively speaking.
This week, Morelle has been busily garnering downstate support for his becoming Speaker over Silver's political corpse.
So much for Morelle's support for and confidence in Silver.
The first problem is the corpse isn't dead yet.
Despite his arrest, Silver is still the Speaker of the Assembly.
He attempted to act as such on Monday, despite the fact that now most Democrats want him out.
That's quite a change from last week.
But Silver has not indicated that he will resign.
And the plan to allow him to remain Speaker while the power was to be shared by five Democrats was always out of la la land.
What is in the water in Albany, anyway?
The second problem is that nobody knows of any procedure to force Silver out of office while he is awaiting his trial.
If it is a speedy trial, and Silver is convicted, he will have to relinquish his position.
It won't be.
Silver is a high profile felon, not a mere street thug, which justice usually handles swiftly.
The legal briefs alone that his defense will present will take years to write up.
And Silver wants to stick around to be the longest serving Speaker in New York State history.
That's a year away
But Morelle wants the position badly enough to seek his old friend, ally and political bedmate's removal to acquire it.
That is the unkindest cut of all.
And that is the way of the political world.
Some people believe in Karma. What goes around comes around.
Does Morelle?

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