Thursday, January 8, 2015

Mario Cuomo: I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.

Ex New York State governor Mario Cuomo died last week.
Big deal.
Hundreds of thousands of people die every day. All they might get is a few lines in a paid-for obituary in the local newspaper.
Not so with Mario Cuomo.
The liberal news media found it necessary to inundate us with stories about the virtues of Cuomo pere to suck up to Cuomo fils.
Cuomo fils is the current governor of New York State.
It was all rather nauseating.
Mario Cuomo was governor of New York State until twenty years ago. He helped make it easier for hard working people, college graduates seeking employment and senior citizens living on fixed incomes leave New York State by making it too expensive to live here.
He accomplished this by raising taxes that already existed, and by creating new taxes.
It is the usual bleeding heart liberal agenda to balance budgets by increasing taxes and fees. That it drives people out of the state doesn't concern them.
Perhaps that's why the bleeding heart liberal media found it necessary to unduly praise Cuomo after his death. Achieving "equality" by a leveling of classes rather than by constitutional or educational growth is the goal of the press.
Paradoxically, even the bleeding heart liberals have their elites as well, like the Cuomos.
American are a silly people. We make fun of European dynasties, of empires, kingdoms and principalities, yet we fall over ourselves to keep abreast of every bit of gossip about them.
Failing true royalty here, we create our own, whether they are the super wealthy, celebrities or politicians.
Even our politicians love to trace their backgrounds to some king somewhere in time.
That includes our presidents.
Most politicians would love to create dynasties here, too, of their families.
Cuomo fils was previously married to a member of the Kennedy dynasty of tarnished "Camelot" fame.
So was Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Picture it: the governors of New York and California as in-laws.
The same is true here.
The Morelles, senior and junior, are elected officials here and powerful in government, from which Morelle senior's sister had derived enormous profit from public funds at her job.
Molly Clifford, bĂȘte noir of the David Gantt wing of the local Democratic Partycites her mother as one of her credentials.
They like to claim that this is a family tradition of public service.
It's hogwash.
Success in politics guarantees  politicians personal access to wealth, power, influence and celebrity. You don't have to be a great politician or even a very good one to achieve it. Just continue to get elected.
Bob Duffy is the best local example of this.
And stupid voters buy into this crap. Just like they rush out of they way to bow and curtsey to broken down royals from long disappeared kingdoms.
Mario Cuomo is dead.
He accomplished nothing to prevent the downward slide of New York State. He was no miracle man. But not according to the papers, or the pronouncements of his son about him.
His death might be a tragedy to his nearest and dearest.
For me it was "Too bad, but what is that supposed to mean to me."
It means that the liberal media will be padding their papers with bullshit about him.

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